Let’s Compare Best 5 CCTV DVR Recorders of 2016

For effective video surveillance system, a top quality CCTV DVR is the best addition to your home or office CCTV system to ensures quality video surveillance system with adequate playback and storage. A large choice of CCTV DVRs may be found on a number of online stores and merchants.

This review will guide you through your choice by helping you make an informed decision in your CCTV DVR model choice. We will talk of the top three brands which provide compatibility with different CCTV cameras and controllers.

With considerations of your budget and quality needs, here are some of the top options to choose from:

Samsung CCTV DVRs

Samsung CCTV DVRsSamsung being the industry leader in digital video recorders, CCTV controllers and CCTV cameras design and manufacture, it offers DVRs of 4-channel, 8-channel, and 16-channel models that are good for both for home and business needs.

These DVRs are integrated with smartphone integration enabling you to monitor and control the system by means of any iOS phone or an Android.


  • Samsung DVRs come with common connection ports, in particular a VGA a BNC connector with spot monitor, Ethernet port, as well as two USB ports.
  • Products can be selected according to their recording rates and resolution options, bandwidth control.
  • More than one user may control the system remotely, with range of protocols (TCP/IP, HTTP, and DHCP). Samsung DVRs allow USB and DVD writer backup.

Samsung SDE-3004N

Samsung SDE-3004NSome of the remarkable models that are also budget friendly, include SDE-3004N (4-channel and 500 GB storage, weatherproof night vision cameras up to 50 feet, 480 TV lines), SDS-P3040N (500 GB storage, Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows remote viewing compatibility, with H.264 compression to maximize storage).

Before choosing, make sure that the model is compatible with the components of your current CCTV system, PTZ cameras and controllers.


Another good brand for CCTV DVRs is Robox. Their CCTV DVRs are of standard 4, 8, and 16 channel configurations. Hard drive capacities range from 500BGB and up to 3TB. Many renowned businesses like Marriott, KFC, have chosen to work with Robox DVRs, as they place high reliance on its durability and affordable prices.


  • Most of the models offer high-resolution BNC/VGA outputs, advanced recording modes,.
  • High resolution of recording and friendly and easy-to-use interface.
  • Easy to maintain and low-noise, and requires almost no maintenance due to absence of fans inside.
  • Information from Robox DVRs may be backed up on USB or external DVDs.

Among the brand’s top products is Robox Barracuda, a top model, featuring H264 compression and mobile support, and configure as internet compatible.

Guardian CCTV DVRs

Another budget and quality option is Guardian CCTV DVRs ranging 4-channel up to 16-channel models. Among the standard features are remote viewing through a network, compatibility between the DVR and mobile phones, as well as remotely or USB based backup options.


  • Offering composite, VGA/HDMI outputs, these models have higher versatility.
  • Video viewing is enabled on quad, individual, 9-way, 16-way cameras in full screen.
  • Guardian DVRs may be set to record alarm inputs such as motion detection, or may be set on timer, and configurations may differ from channel to channel at your discretion.
  • Extra benefits include watermarking option and multi-level protection by password.

Consider also Zmodo, Lorex, Q-see powerful 8-channel or 16-channel models which are good both for business and for home use, provide automatic rotation and mobile compatibility for ease of use.