Before Buying CCTV DVR System – 4 Checklists

Today’s CCTV DVR technology offers more sophisticated surveilling capability. The cameras have adequate capabilities of recording, monitoring, and reviewing activities outside and inside your property.

However, the task of selecting the right DVR can be quite intimidating. With so many CCTV DVR products available, understanding exactly what you need might be confusing. Some DVRs may seem almost similar by physical appearance, but they are absolutely different.

cctv dvr 16channel

Your decision should specifically focus on the level of investment you need to make. For that matter, an entry level unit or a high end unit can help you achieve your targets. Regardless of whether you are new to CCTV or you want to improve an existing system, considering the following four (4) major specifications to help you get the right CCTV DVR.

1. Resolution

Resolution is the image size being displayed by a CCTV DVR. Currently, the highest resolution display in an impartial DVR is D1 (720 x 480). However, CIF (360 x 240) is the most common resolution in DVR industry.

There are other resolutions such 4CIF image, which has 4 times resolution of a CIF image. Therefore, a good DVR should have a high resolution to give more detailed image. A high end unit is the best since it can record both 4CIF and D1 resolution in 30 frames per second on every channel.

2. Storage Capacity

Storage capacity of a DVR is an essential feature to put into consideration. Lower end units can only allow 1 to 2 hard drives, while high end units allow 6 to 8 hard drives.

Most advanced units allow redundant storage (RAID) configuration, as well as, FTP uploads. FTP uploads allow the DVR to back up video to an off FTP server. This is a vital tool since property owner can retrieve a video in a case where even the DVR was stolen.

3. Frame rate

DVR Frame Rate is the number of frames recorded per second at a given resolution. Real time is well thought-out to be 30 frames in every second. Recording a real time video on 16 channels you need a DVR that can record 480 frames in a single second. Therefore, a high end unit is most preferably since it can record 30 frames per second on each channel.

4. Compression

The purpose of compression is to conserve storage space after a video has been transmitted to the DVR. In addition, compressed video enhances straightforward viewing through the internet.cctv dvr price

Compression varies from one method to the other, with the highest compression being H.264. MJPEG method involves almost no compression, but MPEG4 has a high compression almost next to H.264. Therefore, H.264 is highly efficient for both internet streaming and storage conservation.

The above discussed specifications are useful to any business owner or home owner when buying CCTV DVR. Since you have some light about major specifications to consider before buying a DVR, let’s look at three models best suitable for both homes and business premises;

Zmodo 8 Channel Security CCTV Surveillance DVR System

This CCTV DVR has long time recording and it’s based on H.264 compression. It has capabilities of maximizing hard drive’s recording time, and provides internet video streaming.

Zmodo cctv dvr

The user can access the live video footage directly from a mobile phone, iPhone, or PC anytime. It has advanced motion detection, and can support maximum of 8-security camera ensuring all your property is monitored.

However, it requires some technical know-how. The user must be well conversant with computer and networking to be able to make use of it. But most security operators who handle these security appliances must be qualified enough. Therefore, I recommend this DVR to any user with valuable property that requires efficient monitoring.

16 CH Security CCTV DVR System Powered by Dell

16 CH CCTV DVR System by DellThis DVR has a complete 8 security camera system with all things available needed to set up a video surveillance. It comes with everything needed so that the user can have easy time for installation. It has 420 line resolution color system features.

There is a choice of using weather proof bullet styles or dome, providing the right system application. There is also room for adding a monitor to complete security system according to user’s choice.

It is an advanced CCTV DVR with 120 frames per second recording. Users find this DVR quite reliable since it has a high frame rate and high capacity storage of 160 GB. However, the monitor is not included in the package, it’s sold separately. It’s a great purchase since the user can as well add up to 16 security cameras.

Q-See QT5682-1 8 Channel 960H

This DVR records in 960H resolution and real time D1 resolution, with an eight channel unit. It provides wide image that gives more details, but retaining the aspect ratio so that it can fit into most widescreen TVs and monitors.

Q-See QT5682-1It’s one of the best CCTV DVR systems that record all what a user expects at home or at the back area of the business. It is has high capability of manning the entire property; both back and front areas.

Users like this 8-channel DVR product because it keeps one connected; enhancing comfort and flexibility as far as security solutions are concerned. This is achieved through its premium remote monitoring features that keep property owners connected anytime, anywhere.

One can receive email alerts accompanied with event snapshots whenever motion is detected, or when there is shortage of storage space in the hard drive. It is a great purchase since it can record simultaneously, back up video, and watch video.