Top 5 CCTV DVRs in 2017

The CCTV Digital Video Recorders have revolutionized the security systems of many medium and large business and home premises.

Many companies have manufactured state of the art surveillance systems which will easily suit each and every person security needs. The following are the best DVRs in the market today.

The following are the features you should look out for when buying a CCTV DVR in 2017

  • Should have high image resolutions capability.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Large internal memory
  • Pocket friendly as well as easy playback for both captured images and videos.

1. SRN-4000 CCTV Recorder

This DVR has a maximum 64 channels which makes it the best preferred choice in large business premises. Each and every channel is alarm enabled hence making it easy for you to know the origin of the alarm in case of any intruder.

SRN-4000 CCTV Recorder

The 64 channel are high definition network cameras which can easily be adjusted to suit any form of light be it daytime or night time. The cameras also have the capabilities of recording speeds of up to 400MBPS.

This is a great feature as it will enable you to view each and every motion picture recorded. Pictures captured can be inform of either MPEG-4 or MJPEG hence making it easy for you to decode the images captured.

2. Q-See QT5682-8E3-1

It’s a surveillance security system with a capable 8 channel system. Each system is fitted with 8 high resolution cameras which are weatherproof in nature. The cameras also come with a resolution of 960H with a capability of recording both daytime and night time at distances of 100 feet.

The surveillance system has internet connectivity capability which easily enables you to view your premises online with a Smartphone as well as stream live video to a PC, android phone, MAC, and an iPhone.

3. Zmodo Security Camera System

This is a 4 channel security surveillance system with a capability of capturing 720P HD images. It easily works hand in hand with a Smartphone hence giving the user the freedom to view any movement in their premises.

Zmodo Security Camera System

You can easily use it in both indoor and outdoor premises due to its weatherproof capability and also due to its single network cable which directly helps in connecting its cameras to NVR mandated with supplying power and video.

4. Orion 8 Channel CCTV DVR

It’s an 8 channel DVR surveillance camera from Orion. Each and every channel supports 8 different high definition cameras hence making it a preferred choice to small business and homestead premises.

Orion 8 Channel CCTV DVR

It has a 960H resolution which happens to be the latest HD resolution for high quality images. Also, it’s fully compatible with both mobile and internet viewing hence enabling you to view and playback images from your Smartphone from any part of the world.

An easy and friendly Graphical User Interface enables you to easy set and use the system with no difficulties. The system has a 2TB HDD which ensure a large storage of all the images captured.

5. Samsung SDS-P5101N DVR Security System

Samsung SDS-P5101NThis security system has a capability of serving 16 channels and has 10 weather resistant cameras on its platform hence recommendable in 2017 for house premises as well as business ones.

It’s fitted with a 1TB internal storage capable of storing images and footages is readily available with compression technology which means that you can easily maximize its hard drive to accommodate more images and footages since it converts videos to a H.264 format.